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Top 20 of everything (IT)

Written by  Martin Bailey

People are often asking me advice on various things to do with technology, and over the years I’ve collected a number of tools to solve particular problems. So for this presentation I thought I’d put together my top twenty of everything. Well, everything IT related anyway. Some are free, some are paid-for, and some are more gadget than software - but all are my weapons of choice to get specific jobs done.

Have you got a better or different tool that you'd like to recommend? Let us know.

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Switching from Adobe Creative Suite to alternatives

Adobe shocked many in May 2013 when they moved from selling retail box software to their 'Creative Cloud' monthly subscription model costing £46 per month for individuals - that's over £550 per year. Currently CS6 sells for around £1200, so that's equivalent to buying the software every two years. Many people will skip several releases if there are no tangible benefits, or simply because of the cost. So what alternatives are there?

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