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Top 5 gadgets to keep cool this Summer

If the heat wave is leaving you a little hot under the collar why not turn to tech to help keep you cool?

desk fan john lewis 150pxRed5 Desktop LED Clock Fan - £13.99

Keep cool at the office with an eye on clocking off time with this USB powered fan. It offers two speeds and displays an analogue clock on the blades as they spin.

Available from JohnLewis.co.uk

ergodyne chill 150pxErgodyne Chill range – From around £5

Available as bandanas, hats and even complete body vests, the Ergodyne Chill range work by placing them in cold water for around a minute. The advanced PVA material is then effective at keeping you cool for several hours.

Available from ebay.co.uk

iphone fan 150pxHaweel 3.5” Fan for iPhone - £2.95

Available in a variety of colours, this fan has two soft foam blades and connects to your iPhone’s lightning socket to take your selfies to a windswept new level.

Available from Amazon.co.uk

gelocool pillow 150Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat - £24.95

This triple-purpose mat slips inside your pillow case to disperse heat. It can also be used in the freezer or microwave as a heat or cold pad for treating aches and pains. Larger under-mattress versions are also available

Available from Amazon.co.uk

magicool cooler 150pxMagicool Body and Face Cooler Spray - £3.99 for 75ml

Whether you just need to cool down or are suffering from a nasty case of sunburn or prickly heat Magicool delivers instant relief using patented self-chilled micro-fine spray. The 75ml size is perfect for the handbag, but larger cans are also available for the home or office.

Available from Superdrug.com

Written by Martin Bailey, author of The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps.

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