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'Distributed Denial of Service' Attack. A method of bringing a web server to a halt by bombarding it with fake page requests, thereby overloading it.

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Digital Light Processing. A Texas Instruments process of projecting video images using a light source reflecting off of an array of tens of thousands of microscopic mirrors.

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Dolby 3D

The proprietary system for 3D cinema projection from Dolby, this passive glasses variant uses filters that block different specific frequencies of red green and blue light for each eye, allowing full colour 3D to be produced without polarization. 

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1. Disc Operating System - OS used in the 80's and 90's

2. Denial of Service - a form of attack, where a web server is flooded with fake requests in order to shut it down. (Also referred to as Distributed Denial of Service attack).

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Desk Top Publishing. Software products such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher and CorelDraw, which allow the user to design posters, brochures etc.

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Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc. Can store 4.7GB or 8.5GB, depending on whether the disc is single or dual layer.

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